Join us for a 7-month season in Harrisburg!

The Fire & Fragrance Harrisburg Internship is where we invite DTS graduates back to join the community for a 7-month season. The focus for the time here will be: leadership development, developing heart messages, staffing DTS, leading outreaches, facilitating Ekballo Trips, and staffing the house of prayer. Interns will continue to have weekly one-on-ones during the 7-month period. During the Internship, interns are encouraged to dream, plan, and prepare for their long-term callings and assignments.


There is no program cost for the Internship. Interns must have a minimum of $600/mo in income to cover rent ($300), basic living expenses and staff fees ($50). Additionally interns will likely need to raise roughly $3000-$4000 in trip/travel costs. Interns will live in community-housing with other interns.


Use this form if you have attended a Fire & Fragrance DTS in Harrisburg within the last 3 years:


Use this form if you have never attended a DTS in Harrisburg and if you are applying to staff from another base or community:


If I’ve staffed before at another location would I do the internship”?

Yes. The internship is for anyone looking to be a part of the Harrisburg Fire and Fragrance community.

Can I have a part-time job during the internship?

Yes, but with the condition that it can’t interfere with the Internship schedule. The Internship is to be viewed as your full-time commitment during the 7-months. Many nights and weekends will be free, but we highly suggest a job with flexible scheduling. All interns considering a long-term career in missions will be required to begin the support-raising process.

What’s the difference between “The Internship” and staffing?

After completing the internship, a 2-year commitment is required to join the long-term community. Staff will be required to meet a higher minimum monthly income standard.