This Fall, the Fire and Fragrance Harrisburg community will take part in running a DTS in the Himalayas and the best part is…You’re Invited!! In place of our normally scheduled DTS in Harrisburg we will join with the vibrant Fire & Fragrance community already in this region to run the training there. This will be an incredible opportunity to be part of this new school and do your entire DTS experience in the nations. Come join us this Fall!


DTS Starting October 2017

A DTS for the adventurous who dream about far away villages, mountain ranges and the miraculous power of God changing lives forever. Come get trained in the rooftop of the world.

Program Information

Arrival Day October 8, 2017

Outreach Departure December 23, 2017 (approx.)

Graduation March 16, 2018

Lecture Cost $2,400

Outreach Cost $2,500 (approx.)

Please Note This school runs on cash only. Students will pay cash on arrival.