September 26th- March 7th 2014

Fire and Fragrance DTS Fall 2013

Taking the Presence of God to the Nations
Fire and Fragrance is an Discipleship Training School (DTS) designed to raise up believers into “Presence Centered Missions,” releasing intimate lovers of Jesus into the nations of the earth to complete the Great Commission! We desire to see a whole generation raised up across the earth who would walk in an unapologetic Fire for the Presence of God, worship, and intercession that automatically flows into becoming the very Fragrance of Christ to the lost.
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Confirmed speakers so far: Kicking off with “The Supernatural Life Conference” with Heidi Baker , Bill Johnson, Lance Wallnau, and Charles Stock. Also through out the fall: Andy Byrd, Amy Sollars, Dave Fritch, Sean Feucht, Tom Osterhus, Jason Hershey, and More!

  • Fire and Fragrance DTS

    Fire and Fragrance is an Discipleship Training School (DTS) designed to raise up believers into “Presence Centered Missions,” releasing intimate lovers of Jesus into the nations of the earth to complete the Great Commission!  We desire to see a whole generation raised up across the earth who would walk in an unapologetic Fire for the Presence of God, worship, and intercession that automatically flows into becoming the very Fragrance of Christ to the lost. The presence of God is the source of all strategy and the power that releases effective outreach.

    Revival is now! The Harvest is ripe! You were created to be a missionary.


    “Something fresh is happening and there are emerging ministries that I’m excited to endorse. Fire and Fragrance and The Circuit Rider have proven to be ministries of integrity. Such leaders as Andy Byrd and his peers, carry a huge vision yet are sensitive to the Holy Spirit of God in the small things and carry a ministry most of all marked by love.”

    John Dawson
    Youth With A Mission

    “I am a close friend and full supporter of Fire & Fragrance a ministry of Youth With A Mission. Fire & Fragrance has a commendable vision to train and release an army of Jesus-lovers who live the first commandment and walk in authority and power in the second commandment. I would encourage students to attend the Fire & Fragrance schools to cultivate a life centered around the Presence of God and to become carriers of revival and reformation to the nations. What is happening with this ministry is good for the kingdom of God and ultimately preparing the earth for Christ’s return.”

    Mike Bickle
    Director International House of Prayer

    “In 30 years of ministry I have found Fire and Fragrance, a fresh wind in YWAM, to be one of the most fruitful fields I’ve ever sown in. Andy Byrd, Sean Fuecht, Brian Brent and friends, have received me as a father, and are lighting 2 great torches together in the earth, the torch of prayer and fasting with the torch of mission and GO! The arrow of evangelism is being shot from the fully bent bow of fiery prayer furnaces. Can you imagine it! Every place where YWAM is proclaiming the gospel across the earth,  prayer furnaces of continuous worship arises to heaven. These are the new moravian lamp stands. They are the welcoming party of the Lord Jesus Christ heralding the Lord’s coming in revival and in His coming again. I love these guys!”

    Lou Engle
    Founder- TheCall

    “Fire and fragrance is one of the purest ministries I have seen, their love for the Father, there passion for Jesus and their openness to the Holy Spirit is absolutely beautiful. I highly recommend this ministry without reservation to anyone wanting to carry the glory of the Lord, on earth as it is in heaven. Fire and fragrance rocks”

    Heidi Baker
    PhD, Funding Director Iris global

    “As part of the original dream team of this ministry, I am excited to be a part of endorsing Fire and Fragrance Ministries. In 2008, I had the honor of praying into the birthing of this movement with Andy Byrd in Amsterdam. From that time Burn 24-7 and Fire and Fragrance have intentionally partnered to see worship and prayer furnaces ignited around the world! Fire and Fragrance is providing vital training to our Burn 24-7 tribe as well as the growing movement of worship, prayer and gospel proclamation.”

    Sean Feucht
    Founder and director of Burn 24-7

    “My friend Andy Byrd is an emerging young apostle of missions and prayer. His life is being used by God to catalyze a new move of missionary revivalists who are going to the hardest darkest places of the earth saying, ‘May the Lamb who was slain receive His reward.’ It is with joy that I recommend him to you!”

    Rick Pino
    Fire Rain Ministries

    “Im a big fan of YWAM’s Fire and Fragrance school because of the way it mobilises radical young disciples to truly know God through worship, and to make him known through mission. It’s leader, Andy Byrd is an amazing guy who blends intelligence with passion, humanity and courage.”

    Pete Greig
    24-7 Prayer & Alpha International

  • A 3 month season of impartation and training with 1 goal: Encounter Jesus unto total life transformation!

    During your three-month training you will be taught by mothers, fathers, and young leaders from across the body of Christ. Each of those teaching in Fire and Fragrance are living what they are teaching. They are some of our favorite people on the planet!  In addition to incredible teaching, powerful ministry times; part of our lifestyle is extended times in the presence of God in worship and intercession. Like Moses, we love God’s presence, don’t dont want to go anywhere with our Him!

    In the first 12 weeks of the school outstanding speakers will teach you how to know God and make Him known:

    • The character and nature of God
    • Hearing the voice of God
    • How to study and communicate God’s Word effectively
    • Biblical world view
    • Intercession and spiritual warfare
    • Worship and prayer
    • Restoration of the heart and mind
    • Fellowship with the Holy Spirit
    • The power of the Holy Spirit
    • Revival and reformation
    • Missions and evangelism

    Our culture of worship and prayer:

    Everything we do we desire to do living the 1st commandment 1st! We know that scripture teaches that if we do not abide in the vine it will not lead to long term fruit! (John 15) In Fire and Fragrance we live all of life centered around the “fire” of His presence! He is our passion! He is our obsession! He is our longing and our highest pursuit! We spend every afternoon in blazing in worship, each Friday we are up through to the early hours of the morning burning in prayer and enjoying His presence, really Fire and Fragrance lecture phase is a 3 month dunk in the Presence of God!

    Our culture of outreach:

    From that place of Gods presence and power we live to love on the lost and call them back home into relationship with their father. In Fire and Fragrance we want to display the fullness of God’s character to a hurting and broken world. Whether that is feeding the poor, clothing the needy, gathering 100′s to wild concerts, or seeing the sick healed and the dead raised, our simple longing is that Jesus would be glorified!

  • 3 Month Outreach Phase:

    After your dynamic and life giving training phase, you will be sent for 2 months on an overseas outreach to release the kingdom of God! After 2 months overseas, you will return during our Firestorm gathering, then sent for 1 month to the Ivy League universities to ignite the campus in revival! We do this by gathering students for Missions nights, extend worship and prayer burns, and evangelistic field concerts.

    Upon completing our DTS there are many opportunities to do further training, apply to join staff with our crew in Harrisburg, or at one of many locationsaround the world.

    Photos from overseas Fire and Fragrance outreaches:

    Photos from Fire and Fragrance Ivy League Outreaches:

  • Lecture phase cost: $3300 (this includes housing and food)
    Outreach phase cost: $4000-5500 (depending on location)

    Application fee: $35
    Deposit due upon acceptance: $200 (deducted from total $3300)

    Location of Training:
    411 S. 40th Street
    Harrisburg PA, 17111

    333 HOUSE
    333 S. 13th St
    Harrisburg PA, 17104

    Location of Housing:
    473 Eisenhower Blvd
    Harrisburg, PA 17111

    Course Dates Overview:

    Arrival Day: September 26th

    Lecture Phase Ends: December 16th

    International Outreach Begins: December 16th

    International Outreach Ends: February 26th

    Firestorm: February 26th-March 2nd

    Debrief Week Begins: March 3rd

    Debrief Week Ends: March 7th

    Graduation Night: March 7th

  • Meet Your School Leaders!

     Jeremy Bardwell

    Jeremy has been pioneering in missions for 9 years and is the current Director of YWAM Harrisburg. He helped to pioneer Fire and Fragrance in 2008 with a group of covenant friends and continues on the leadership team of Fire and Fragrance Internationally. He is Married to Natalie and has 4 wonderful children. Jeremy’s passion is to raise up leaders and launch them into their callings to transform society.

    Rebecca Salameh

    Rebecca is a sold out lover of Jesus whose heart burns for the nations and that Jesus would be glorfied in our generation. She has traveled all over the world serving in missions and lives to see the completion of the Great Commission. She carries the heart of a mother and deep sensitivity to the voice of the Lord, into her discipleship and leadership.

Want more information? Feel free to Call : 717-695-9745 Or email:  ywamhburgregistrar@gmail.com

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Our Fire and Fragrance Base, "The 333 House"

God has provided for an amazing facility for our growing community in Harrisburg. Formerly belonging to the Eastern Mennonite Missions (EMM) organization, they used this building to run missions training schools called "YES." Their name for this facility was "The Harrisburg Discipleship Center. (HDC) Now, instead of being sold as apartments or office space, the HDC will live on in its calling as a place to train and release missionaries to the nations.