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Calling for unprecedented humility, unity, and love.
January 3rd-4th, Penn Square Marriott, Freedom Hall, 7pm Evening Sessions only, Parking in parking garage will be discounted for those that attend the event. UNPRECEDENTED IS A FREE EVENT However, Registration is required! Register by clicking the yellow button below. Registration will be limited to the size of Freedom Hall.


    Calling for unprecedented humility, unity, and love.

    It is simple, we believe the beginning of a Love Revolution has birthed that will touch all of America and the nations of the earth! We believe that what God has done, is doing, and is about to do in this generation is “UNPRECEDENTED.” God spoke so clearly to all of us this summer at The School of the Circuit Rider in Lancaster, and now, the ground work has been laid in relationship and honor for unprecedented transformation!

    Hop a train, buy a ticket, fill a car with 17 friends, jog here in the snow if you have to! Lets rally together in Lancaster for a massive joy explosion to begin 2014!

    Join us January 3rd and 4th for 2 nights of celebration, fresh inspiration, and prophetic direction as we all run after Jesus and his will together!




    “A Love Revolution” December 21st, 2013

    My heart and mind are full of expectancy as I hear the testimonies of what God has been doing in Lancaster this fall, and the favor that He is releasing in 2014! What a joy that we are experiencing amazing things all over America and in the nations! As I prepare for UNPRECEDENTED 2014 – January 3-4, the Lord has been speaking to me about this grassroots awakening… this movement that is beginning on the earth… this revolution, and the revolutionaries that will represent it…

    We live in a generation in America that views Christians primarily as being judgmental, crusty, uncreative and ultimately a dying breed. This assignment of the enemy has been to label the church with attributes that do not represent Jesus. When I read the gospels, I am pretty sure that if there was anything that Jesus was “anti” about, it was that He was anti-religious! The lost loved Jesus and felt understood by Him, prostitutes were drawn to Him not shunned by him, and even the tax collectors were transformed by His presence and wise words. There was nothing but brilliant light in the eyes of Jesus and that same light is beginning to flicker in the eyes of His bride, it is the light of a Love Revolution.

    We are experiencing a release of the revelation of “Jesus Love” on the earth that is SHATTERING these negative assumptions and stereotypes about Christians. This release, this awakening, is so powerful and so complete that it will be seen in history as a cultural revolution. Man made religious systems are crumbling, yielding to true Jesus Lifestyle and relationship. It seems that this wave of revival is not a revival of fancy orators wowing an audience with new ways of explaining timeless truths, it is a revival of practical Jesus love and a widespread lifestyle change in believers to the culture of revival. This is what that will redefine Christianity in our generation. This Love Revolution will lead to the largest ingathering of souls in the history of the world as Jesus is put on display for the masses. This movement and cultural revolution is being sparked by the passionate few. Those who dare to believe for a new way of thinking and living, and are willing to give it all to tip the scales. I believe that Lancaster is positioned uniquely, in faithfulness, courage, and earnest devotion, to be one of the forerunner cities of this Love Revolution in America.These days truly are UNPRECEDENTED!!

    As we gather in January in FREEDOM HALL, we are anticipating that God wants to create a giant living room to encounter us together corporately! We will fill this living room with unified joyful worship, and fresh language about the “Attributes of this Love Revolution” then respond as God moves planting His seeds in our hearts. Much of what is coming is yet to be discovered, because God is jealous for a leaning bride who will not move out of step with him! We believe that this gathering in January will be a crucial step forward for the region into the purposes of God!

    21 DAYS OF LOVE:
    During UNPRECEDENTED 2014 we will be casting vision for the 21 days following the gathering to practically express Jesus’s Love in Lancaster! This 21 day initiative is called “21 Days of Love” and will be a joyful, faith-stirring, corporate initiative of practical love that will ignite the region like never before!

    “Lancaster Unprecedented” November 2nd, 2013

    Dear friends all over the U.S. and the nations! I just returned from a beautiful and fruitful, family trip in Turkey and the Persian gulf. I have never been more convinced of the power of Kingdom Love and the Simple Gospel to transform a life, a neighborhood, a city, or even a whole nation. As I was flying back from this trip contemplating what God is doing in America, I felt to write this post to bring some vision and language for what I see God is doing in a small yet incredibly significant city called Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

    I am not aware of a region of the U.S. with such a long heritage of faithfulness to the Lord as Lancaster. I am sure there are others but I am keenly aware of the faithful pursuit of Jesus that have taken place over the last several hundred years in Lancaster, Pa.

    Every region and every era of history has their fair share of mistakes and failures, but not every region has the same heritage of radical faithfulness. In the last 50 years, Lancaster County has excelled as one of the greatest missions sending and funding regions in the world. You can go to almost any nation on earth and find someone from Lancaster Pennsylvania serving selflessly the dreams of God! In addition to sending, Lancaster has hosted some amazing moves of God locally that have blessed the world, including the Tuesday night Bible study phenomenon in the late 1990’s and into the early 21 century. Lancaster is a region that is saturated in prayer, generosity, and faithfulness. So many have gone, so many have given, and so many have loved well.

    I believe that much like Cornelius with his faithful giving, the history of faithfulness and generosity in Lancaster has risen as a memorial before the Lord, and that this region is positioned for another move of God.

    Last summer we gathered for an event called “Lancaster School of the Circuit Rider” and even though I had high expectations, I was totally taken back by the sheer outpouring of love, adoration and worship of Jesus I experienced. It took us all by surprise. Beginning with 700 people Sunday night, and swelling to 2000 by the next Friday we felt like something was breaking in the spirit, and a new level of unity and love was releasing. Not only was simple and passionate love present in our gatherings but it spilled onto the streets in ways I have not yet, in my short experience, seen in America. Hundreds of people were legitimately saved, and many immediately came to the evening meetings joining right into the worship and love being shared!

    As we prepared for this Lancaster gathering the Lord gave me one simple phrase;

    “What I am doing in Lancaster is releasing unprecedented humility leading to unprecedented unity, leading to unprecedented prayer, worship, salvations and mobilization.”

    I felt He wasn’t just speaking about the gathering per se, but the work the Holy Spirit was already doing in the region that was only going to go to new levels in coming months and years.

    As someone not living in Lancaster, I want to honor all of those who have labored for decades! The spiritual fathers I have interacted with are amazing, gentle, passionate and releasing! Their effort is preparing the way for a generation of sons and daughters to walk in honor and unity with the older generation, to carry the move of God to higher heights – which of course is always the goal of spiritual fathers and mothers!

    I believe in the coming months we are going to see unprecedented things break out in terms of humility, unity, love, and impact! We have the blessing of several regional spiritual fathers, and a sense from the Holy Spirit that what we have seen is only the beginning.

    I believe every person in Lancaster County will hear, see and experience the gospel in a fresh way! I believe Lancaster County could be a model of unity to the entire nation! I believe we could see 1 percent of the population, launched into foreign missions! I believe Lancaster County could be a picture of true regional transformation in our nation!

    I am not saying I have heard the audible voice of the Lord on this, I am just daring to believe that after what I saw this summer, and have seen over my 13-year relationship with the region, that what is coming in 2014 and beyond is truly going to be unprecedented!



    Something beyond expectation took place this summer at the Lancaster School of the Circuit Rider as we gathered to simply celebrate Jesus and obey His command to Love wholeheartedly. With 500 full time students and over 2000 people joining in the evening sessions we felt like we tapped into something more significant than any of us had anticipated! During this week 320+ people gave their lives to Christ and 60+ people were miraculously healed. We believe that this summers gathering was the launching of something larger and longer term that we will all discover together as we follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.


    We have the honor to have relationship with these amazing leaders

    I am so grateful to God for the way the ministry of Circuit Rider has blessed our region. I look forward to watching the Lord continue to use this ministry to help bring revival and awakening to the greater Lancaster County region. The best is yet to come!

    Larry Kreider, DOVE International – International Director

    “Circuit Riders has already encouraged and united many in the Lancaster region. The manifestation of God’s presence was evident and it ignited needed passion to advance the Kingdom in this hour. The declaration of the worthiness of Jesus (worship) and of His love for mankind (mission) is a powerful combination. I personally look forward to the followup events the leadership team has planned and can whole heartedly encourage the body of Christ to attend. I am eager to watch what God does with the momentum and vision that has been birthed.

    Barry Wissler, Pastor Ephrata Community Church

    Circuit riders ignited a flame in Lancaster that I believe will start a fire that will not be quenched. The Lord is using them to fan that flame. We welcome them back to Lancaster and we say let it blaze for the glory of our Lord Jesus! Let’s pray that revival fires burn and transform Lancaster city and Lancaster county.

    Mark King, Senior pastor The Lords House of Prayer

    “Andy Byrd has been a missionary with YWAM since 1998, working from Alaska, Maui and Kona Hawaii on worldwide assignments. He’s a leader of leaders, a man of Godly character, the highest of Christian standards with an amazing communication skill given by God. Beyond his leadership ministry, he’s a teacher of the word, a model of Christlikeness and I commend him and his ministry to YWAM locations around the world and to the body of Chirst. With great passion he leads and lives and prays for a new spiritual awakening in this new generation. His vision for Circuit Riders is to follow in many of the principles and footsteps of the Wesleyan revivals centuries ago, but with modern methodologies, technologies and applications.”

    Loren Cunningham, Founder – Youth With a Mission

    “I am a close friend and full supporter of Circuit Riders which is a ministry of Youth With A Mission. God has uniquely highlighted this piece of American history, the Circuit Riders, and I believe this ministry is one of the catalysts towards re-awakening America into national revival. It’s an exciting vision to see the lost saved, the saved revived and all of them trained into lifestyles of genuine worship & dependence on God ending in powerful gospel proclamation and discipleship. I fully endorse their schools and commend the leadership of this movement as they seek to exalt Jesus in the hearts of men and nations. “

    Mike Bickle, Director International House of Prayer (IHOP)

    “In 30 years of ministry I have found Fire and Fragrance, a fresh wind in YWAM, to be one of the most fruitful fields I’ve ever sown in. Andy Byrd, Sean Fuecht, Brian Brent and friends, have received me as a father, and are lighting 2 great torches together in the earth, the torch of prayer and fasting with the torch of mission and GO! The arrow of evangelism is being shot from the fully bent bow of fiery prayer furnaces. Can you imagine it! Every place where YWAM is proclaiming the gospel across the earth, prayer furnaces of continuous worship arises to heaven. These are the new moravian lamp stands. They are the welcoming party of the Lord Jesus Christ heralding the Lord’s coming in revival and in His coming again. I love these guys!”

    Lou Engle, Founder TheCall

    “Circuit Riders and Fire and Fragrance are two of the purest ministries I have seen, their love for the Father, there passion for Jesus and their openness to the Holy Spirit is absolutely beautiful. I highly recommend these ministries without reservation to anyone wanting to carry the glory of the Lord, on earth as it is in heaven. Circuit Riders/Fire and Fragrance rocks.”

    Heidi Baker PhD, funding director Iris global



    “FREEDOM HALL” Penn Square Marriott Hotel
    25 S Queen St  Lancaster, PA 17603

    Registration is required and is limited to the size of Freedom Hall.


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